Ticehurst Motors Aftersales

In-House Warranty

After you have bought a car from Ticehurst Motors, we will issue you with an In-House warranty. This is very important because it means we will personally look after you and your car. We will not send you onto another repair company, so you will need to bring your car back to us so we can diagnose the problem and take it from there.

Warranty Page

Different Volkswagen Models

Ticehurst Motors have sold Volkswagens for many years and we have gained a vast knowledge of the different models and generations that Volkswagen have made. We have produced detailed information of the main models and generations that we retail for you to compare and we have also integrated independent expert video reviews from Which? and Autotrader explaining the different models. The manufacturing videos have also been included as they show an insight to the highly efficient Volkswagen factories that produce the Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Polos and the Volkswagen Up.

Volkswagen Models

Servicing And MOT By Arrangement

Ticehurst Motors have highly trained technicians with several years of experience diagnosing and servicing mechanical issues. We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment and tools for modern vehicles, and our workshop utilises both types of air conditioning equipment required for old and new cars.

MOT’s are offered by arrangement, while car hire and loans are also available (a collection and delivery service is offered for local customers).

Servicing And MOT