Car Servicing and MOT

Servicing is a fundamental part of car ownership. We can help ensure your new car lives a long, reliable, and healthy life. Ticehurst Motors has been an independent Volkswagen specialist for many years. Our technicians are highly qualified and have decades of experience, plus the skills to service your new car in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines (which typically means at least once every 12 months).
Timely servicing can help preserve your car’s value for longer, ensuring it operates efficiently with better fuel economy and performance. If your car is serviced by us, we will ensure it remains at peak health for as long as possible. This goes hand in hand with your safety, which is paramount to us.

We also offer the following services:

  • MOT’s by arrangement for all non-commercial vehicles.
  • Car Repairs.
    • Our technicians are qualified to perform repairs on your new vehicle using genuine parts where possible.
  • Diagnostics.
    • Having invested in the latest diagnostic equipment, we are able to diagnose the faults logged in your car’s memory to help us identify and fix the prevailing issue.
  • Air Conditioning / Regas service.
    • All cars that have air conditioning need to be serviced every few years.
  • Paint and bodywork sealant protection (comes with a 5 year guarantee).
  • All season tyres.
  • Brake fluid changes.
  • Clutch replacements.
  • Battery replacements.