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Ticehurst Motors Specialise In Low Mileage Volkswagen Tiguans

Tiguans are a popular choice for customers looking for a modern, stylish and fuel efficient 4X4. The latest generation of Tiguan from Volkswagen uses AdBlue technology to reduce exhaust emissions, which makes them an environmentally friendly option, whilst another great addition is the new virtual cockpit feature – a modern take on the traditional cockpit where a full colour display is customisable. This is just one of the new upgrades that come as standard on the latest generation of Tiguan. Optional extras range from power tailgates and retractable tow bars to panoramic sunroofs.

Please note that our Tiguans sell so quickly we have a waiting list. New models often don’t make it onto our website, so please contact our sales department to register your interest and we will contact you to arrange a test drive.

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